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Score,create stats,add players,send,review stats during & after game of Tennis,Table Tennis,Badminton,PickleBall and Squash. Online Radio stations, play music,videos on devicestream and contains Sudoku and tic-tac-toe games. Allows a person to score a match by clicking on the players Winners or Errors. Can be used by any person wanting to detail the stats of a match for personal, commercial and training reasons. Singles and double players match scoring supported. Easy to use App contains info instructions in the App and on the website The app maintains and updates the match score and also stores the match stats of each player. Allows for the addition of user defined players. Match comments can be created, export and emailing of match progress stats and comments. The match stats can be viewed once the match has completed in the stats viewer screen and also the inplay stats can be saved and emailed during play. The app allows for both singles and doubles play, will automatically set the adjust servers and receivers after games, sets, tie breakers(You can manually change the server and receiver by clicking the players serve button. This can not be done once a service game has started i.e. a point has been played.) Settings allows for the selection of default settings for each match and game type i.e. match sets if tie breakers or Advantage sets, set points. In the players screen user defined players can be added, along with their details i.e. club, country, right handed play, comments about each player etc Appointments and details of each player can be created and sent to required people. List of players datastats which can be stored during play and later displayedreviewed :- The Interface is swipe driven. To more to a new screen swipe the screen right to left, left to right to go back. For quick play select the start betton to comence the game and when a player scores click the related button for the player. I.e. Use the control buttons to score the point (or error) for each point played. i.e. if the serving player serves an Ace click the the button with a ball with a star image for that serving player. If the serving player serves a fault click the button with the tennis ball and a red cross on it. If any player hits a winning forehand, click the button that has a green tick and racquet image on it for that player.Note the racquet directions indication if it's a forehand or back hand. If the players hits a forced error, click the image with a red racquet and both arms are red. For a unforced error click the image with a red racquet for that player that created the error. It is the same with Volleys which are represented with a image of a tennis ball in the centre of the racquet. To change server click the image of the tennis ball next to the players name. The return server is represented with a image next to their name with a ball and racquet. (Non-serving or returning players only have a image with a racquet next to their names.) Servers can only be changed before the next of the game, match after the match has started. Points options for each player are Faults,Aces,Winners ForeHand,Winners BackHand,Winners ForeHand Volley: (Winners FV),Winners Backhand Volley (Winners BV),Errors ForeHand: (ErrorsFH) Errors BackHand (ErrorsBH)Unforced ForeHand (Uf FH) Unforced BackHand (Uf BH) Error ForeHand Volley (Error FHV) Error BackHand Volley. Note :- error types and controls will vary depending on the type of game selected i.e. tennis or squash etc.... Predefined matches can be setup via the comps screen. Enter details of the comp, select the players for each game, click the ADD button to save each game. Open a comp game from the main screen via the drop down menu.

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